100 pounds lost, life is better when you are healthy!

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It feels really good to reach the 100 lbs lost mark. Took me a while to go from 95 to 100 but I am on a roll again and enjoying the process. One of the reasons which finally got me going with the mammoth task of losing all this weight, is that I planned to walk a section of the Camino de Santiago with my mother, who I love very much. I was so overweight and unfit, I knew only something drastic would enable me to do it. Well, 100 lbs later and in 8 weeks we'll be off to walk 130 miles in 11 days. Can't wait for this great reward for my hard work.

So to all of you wonderful people of LoseIt, don't let the weight stand in your way. All of us have the ability to do this!

Progress pic for those interested.

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