5 lbs away from 1st goal weight… Gonna try the Insanity challenge? Lol

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F/22/5'3" SW:193 CW: 155 GW1: 150 UGW: 130 lbs

So I'm very nearly to 40 lbs down, and I can smell my first goal weight. Only problem is… I'M BORED OF MY USUAL AT HOME WORK OUTS lol

My boyfriend and I decided to try the Insanity series to ride out the quarantine (hopefully). We'll be starting Monday, and I'll be taking weekly measurements to see if we can manage to put on some muscle in this house.

We'll be sticking with my same diet plan…. Because it's delicious and already high protein and low calorie. Let's see if this will get me closer to my ultimate goal of 130 lbs and 20-24% body fat.

-Side Note: I don't think I've mentioned my boyfriend here before, but he's the best. As soon as I started getting serious about losing weight/getting fit, he was right on board with me. He loves letting me try new healthy recipes or work out plans. We even have a slight rivalry going on through Fitbit lol

-Bonus Pic: Here's the motivation/accountability sheet I made for us (can you tell I'm bored stuck inside?) http://imgur.com/a/kjrr47O

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