About 3 months of hard work and I’m down about 40lbs now and fit in XL shirts again.

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Hey everyone. I just wanted to post my progress pics mostly to give others hope out there. It's been a tough road for me to start losing weight again for many different reasons. I've had many different life things keep my attention away from eating healthier and working out. I've been doing regular intermittent fasting every day. I eat 3 meals, 1 at 8 1 at 10 and 1 at noon. I don't really limit myself too harshly on calories, but I don't overdo things. I walk my treadmill at about 2 mph for 30 mins at an incline once in the morning and once when I get home. I burn about 400 calories total from it. It has been working great for me and it hasn't been too difficult to keep up with. Unfortunately, I didn't take any great before pics, but I have one of me on a trip at my start weight and I bought the same shirt recently in an xl in a different color for comparison. keep working hard guys and we can all do it, just stay strong and maintain your good habits!


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