Baby face gains at 23lb down

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progress pic

I’m posting this side-by-side not because my weight loss is significant in terms of pounds but because it means a lot to me given where I was mentally only a few months ago. Seeing physical change is going to help me persevere because honestly, every day is a struggle. I’m 5’5” for the record.

First picture: February 2019 – 205lb. I was binge eating every single day and hating myself for it. I knew I needed help and so I finally found a good psychologist. Of course, I was diagnosed with orthorexia and B.E.D.

In April 2019 after learning a lot about myself, I was ready to make changes. I started CICO at 1400-1500 calories and have stuck to that. I have not binged in 54 days (the longest I have ever gone). I’ve also been intermittent fasting, increasing from 12 hours to 18.

Second picture: Taken last weekend – 182.5lb

Obviously happier. Less puffy. I get a little misty-eyed because I see myself coming back. My journey has only just started—another 44lb until goal—but I am starting to feel right in my own skin again.

Anyway, thanks for letting me share with you guys. I will be checking in here again when I reach my goal weight 🙂

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