Cigarettes Effects on Caloric Intake and Weight Gain while smoking and after quitting

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*Contains studies and reviews stating how smoking effects caloric intake and weight gain.

Most of cigarettes side effects are familiar to everybody. Even though many people continue to do it knowing of them. Scientists have confirmed multiple times that smoking can develop serious health conditions. Some of which are cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung diseases, diabetes… You might want to think twice next time you go for a cigarette.

In terms of physical condition and fitness here are some side effects of smoking:

  • Less endurance
  • Poorer physical performance
  • Damages body’s ability to absorb oxygen
  • Chronic cough
  • Smokers get tired more easily
  • Suppressed appetite

and many, many more side effects….

All of these side effects will cause you to have a poor performance during your workout session. Leading to your progress being slowed down.

Now, I will go a little bit more in depth about cigarettes side effects on physical performance and fitness.

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