From 159 pounds to Class 1 Obesity and smoothly heading back down to 159 pounds. Male 34yo, 5’9 current weight 199.1

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Good evening guys, and please excuse my grammar or spelling mistake, English isn't my first language.

This is the reality of how easy it is to gain too much weight and go from healthy weight BMI to Obese within a year. At my heaviest the obesity weight was obvious in the legs, chest, stomach and below chin developed double chin and neck and back and upper back had noticeable fat.

159 pounds January 2019

At the my lowest weight which is the healthiest BMI I ever had for my height.

I lost myself and skyrocketed to 204 by October 2019 via bad food choices, drinking and not drinking enough water and too much caloric intake.

204 pounds October 2019

In this photo, you can see the belly and increased fat around chest area and also increased fat around the face and neck.

208 to 202 pounds

208.9 was highest weight I recorded myself when my Obesity was at the worst. I managed to get myself from 208 to 202 few weeks ago with IF, the photo with the Covid19 mask is approximately 202 pounds

I halted and reversed the weight gain Starting January 2020 where I got myself down to

189, but then I lost myself again and got up to 208 pounds, but this time I am determined and I increased the IF to 48 to 72 hours a week every week.

5/22/2020 –> Finally went to One-Der Land and into 199.1 this morning.

I weighed 199.1 this morning for the first time in months so I am happy for that. My fast still wasn't over this morning, but it was around 44 hours in. I finished at 50 hours in. Some weeks I can go up to 72 hours, but some weeks this week I Had to end at 50 hours mark because I couldn't keep it going and weather outside became very Humid.

As of right now tonight 5/22, my top abs are visible but still a layer of fat above them and the bottom belly is hiding the bottom abs, love handles have shrunk considerably and the Face fat has also shrunk. Once I hit 185 or 180, I will do a before and after Face gains photo post.

Next photo I take will happen this coming week around Tuesday or Wednesday when I predict I hit 194 pounds.

What I found interesting is that once I do a Fast that goes up to 27 or more hours, the body still keeps on eating the fat for fuel even if I eat too much when I break my fast or eat too much calories the day after that.

It is like the body has now officially switch to fat burn mode even if it is getting regular food.

If I really wanted to, I can water fast for weeks until I get back to 159 or 160 pounds, but someone told me that is bad and a person needs to slowly drop the weight over weeks or months.

So I do it carefully and I eat nutritious and take my vitamins when I break a fast, and sometimes I will just go back to the fast again after feasting.

Another thing I discovered is that if I drink one of those Recovery drinks that have the Magnesium, Potasium, B12's etc etc right before the fast starts–I can easily finish the fast without suffering or weakness or shakiness.

Also during the fast, the body eats the most fat during sleep in my case when I do not do any Cardio. But if I were to do Cardio with these long fasts, I doubt the fast will last as long as it does when I don't do the Cardio.

So I haven't been doing any Cardio, as I found out that Cardio really doesn't have an effect on getting me below 204ish pounds. It is the intermittent fasting that directly and efficiently Targets the fat stores.

The body starts taking out fat in FILO which you guys are most likely already aware means First in Last Out. For the losing fat part, the body in my case noticeably took fat away from cheeks in the Face and nose too, my nose became thinner. Then I noticed my legs look somewhat thinner after the Intermittent Fast. Most of my fat is concentrated around the areas: thighs, waste, stomache an and some legs. The back also has some fat from what I noticed when I hit the 208.9 all time high. Everyone noticed how huge I got lol

Stay healthy, and Stay Safe.

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