How I stay motivated going to the gym 4 times per week

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Hey there,

In the past I've always been a bit lazy and didn't go to the gym very often – although I payed $60 per month. I quickly realized that paying a monthly fee doesn't make me go to the gym more often so I talked with my personal trainer why I'm not feeling motivated and he gave me some helpful tips.

First of all, it is very motivating to see you're development because you then get the feeling that you're spending your time on something useful. To do that I took a picture and compared it 3 months later to the new one. That was a great feeling because I could see a rather big change which I would haven't noticed without the picture . Besides that, it kept me motivated to go to gym for these 3 months because I kind of challenged myself. Of course you can come up with an other, more creative challenge but this one worked out perfectly for me. Another great aspect about going to the gym more often was that I actually felt more happy and healthy, which should be enough reason to go to the gym. The last tip he gave me was to listen to the right music. Listening to the ''right'' music can be very effective because it pushes you further on and will give you some extra strength and endurance. ''Wrong'' music however, will probably slow you down and you will clearly worsen your performance. This might happen if the music is to slow, to fast, not energetic enough or in the wrong mood. I looked for several weeks for good playlists on Spotify and there are thousands with lot's of great songs but sadly the owners (usually Spotifys own playlist curators themselves) don't really seem to update them very often or rather: they update them like every second week but 98% of the songs stay the same. Because of that I asked my personal trainer for some tips and he recommended 2 (I only use one of them however 😂) which get updated every week. The one I listen to features pretty energetic but friendly Pop, EDM and tropical house songs. Here is a link if you're interested: Workout & Fitness and I'm pretty sure it's perfect for the most of your gym exercises. The second one, which I personally don't use, is a more aggressive Trap, EDM and Dubstep playlist for all the gym ''beasts'' out there 😉 Hardcore Workout

I truly hope that I could help you in some way and I'd love to know if it helped some of you!! I'd also like to mention that this post isn't any kind of self promotion for playlists or something like that. It just helped me a lot and it might help you too!

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