I just wore XL clothes for the first time in over 5 years and it feels surreal

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Hi reddit, this is my first post about stuff like this, I'm Terribly self-concious and quite frankly the entire idea of this post is quite scary to me.


So at my heaviest(left)i was 135 kgs (300 lbs).

(Keep in mind I'm 6'7 (200 cm) )

since then I've lost more than 30 kgs (66 lbs)

I did it by going keto, now this might not be impressive or cool to anyone but it really got to me when I went shopping for clothes for the first time in a while and I actually fit a lower size than triple XL

I normally wouldn't post this since I always feel terrible about my body, but if it helps any of you I would feel great about it.

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