I recently started my journey and omg the temptation!!

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I started my "weight loss journey" April 13th after having an unhealthy relationship with food my whole life. I've never been overweight, maybe close to it for a bit though, but I've always had this self image that I look like Jabba the Hut. I toed the line with eating disorders in high school, like going ridiculously long times between eating and only eating a tiny amount to make the hunger pangs ago away.

I put on some weight in the recent years due to depression messing with my activity level and fast food being easier than cooking. But I decided, I'm going to be 35 in July, I really need to get my weight down, get active, and get healthy.

After 30 days of calorie counting and exercising, I lost 8 pounds (I was at 146 on April 8th, dropped to 142 April 13th, I consider that water weight so I don't count it as like fat loss, and May 13th I weight 134) and that got me to my goal weight, which I've now lowered to 130 since it's still within the healthy range. I can share my routine/strategy if anyone wants. The key– gold star stickers!!

But oh my god, the temptation is hell!!!

Yesterday my son and my boyfriend had pizza. I had an 80 calorie light and fit yogurt (peach flavor, so yummy, but definitely not pizza).

For Mother's Day my parents had giant chocolate covered strawberries delivered to me. I didn't eat any.

Tonight I want to have a date night and order in from somewhere but I can't stop thinking about the calories lol

Like we should probably do salmon and spinach salad, which is delicious and only 450 calories, but I'm so wanting Mongolian Beef from P.F. Chang's damn it!

funny, appropriate comic by The Awkward Yeti

Maybe Mongolian Beef tonight and I'll be extra good tomorrow haha

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