I’ve lost 20lbs and my boyfriend says he doesn’t see any difference

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Super discouraging. I started counting calories April 20th and since then I have lost 20lbs according to the scale. I took before and after pictures. I was really proud and posted it on Facebook figuring it might help keep me motivated.

I asked my boyfriend, who I live with, “did you see my picture?” He says yeah. I say “oh, you didn’t like it or anything so that’s why I asked” then he tells me “I didn’t like it because I don’t see any difference. It just looks like your shirt is less wrinkly in the second picture.”

Well it really sucks because I was losing weight for two reasons.

  1. To be healthier

  2. To look nice for him as he made a comment in April that I had put on weight (I had. I was in a depression lull of eating my feelings)

It just feels all for not. I still feel like garbage all the time, and he hasn’t noticed. So it’s kind of discouraging. Losing 20lbs is great for my health but if I don’t feel a difference and he doesn’t see a difference, what’s the point?

Edit: here’s the pic incase you guys were curious link

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