Lost all of my gains after 2 family trips. Feeling super super bummed. Not even gonna lie, I wanna quit.

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Weight graph: HERE

I started off at 297 months ago. Like pre-covid. I got as far down as to 278 then I went to Dallas for a week and basically all we did was eat every day. I tried to limit it to 2 meals a day with no snacks but it got kinda difficult. I got home and checked my weight and I was somehow down a pound? I guess I was just dehydrated or something because the next day I woke up and was up like 8 pounds.

I worked it down to like 283 then this weekend was Eid and my family just loves to eat. We had Ribs, deep dish, and wings. Literally all my favorite foods then biryani the day after. I wanted to stop eating or eat some healthier stuff but it was so hard. I totally caved on my diet. Now I’m basically right back where I started. ~289 ugh

Some other NSFW details: I’ve been having terrible diarrhea for weeks. I took some Metamucil the other day which has seemed to help a lot.

Lastly I started lifting again and I THINK after the last time I benched I tweaked my sternum or something because I’ve been having lots of pain in that area. Yea yeah I thought of COVID too but it really seems like it’s a muscle thing because it’s not related to breathing (unless I breath too hard) I’ve had to end my last 2 workouts early because of this pain. I hate myself I wanna get down to under 200 by my 25th birthday (march) but I guess it ain’t happening

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