M/27/5’9” – have put on 114lbs in 2 years. Grew up super skinny and have never struggled with my weight before so I’m a little lost. Where to start and what am I doing wrong?

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I’ve (M27) somehow ballooned in the past couple of years. I grew up skinny and exercised through college and have never struggled with my weight so this realization has come to me as a shock and I’m not really sure how I got to this point. I was looking for this shirt in the photo this morning to try to recreate this picture I took the day I moved into my house. Needless to say trying this on was a total wake up call. I was about 150 pounds in the first photo when I moved into this house and exactly three years later I am 264 pounds. Most of that has been in the past year as I was about 190 pounds last summer. Just how many margaritas have I had in the past couple years? Lol

I’m not really sure what I’m doing wrong. I don’t think my diet is that bad off nor am I totally inactive. This definitely got worse once I bought the house and simultaneously was starting my job out of school. I saw my doctor at the beginning of the year after my dad urged me as he was concerned with my size. He did the thyroid/metabolic/hormonal/ultrasound tests and didn’t see anything underlying and attributed this to my diet and lifestyle. I need to figure out where my errors are there.

If it matters in order to give advice, I’m 5’9”, 27, 264lbs. I haven’t started any new medications or anything. My doctor seemed particularly concerned about my belly as a lot of my weight has gathered there. I was like 55” around at my physical in January. Could I be eating certain foods or following certain habits contributing to this kind of weight gain?

I just am embarrassed now realizing how bad it’s gotten; I’ve ballooned. Gotta get this reversed.

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