NSV: I’m wearing size 30 pants right now.

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I got to work today and realized I'd left my work pants home. There was one pair left on the rack from one of the skinny guys, so I thought I'd try them on. I was astonished to find they fit.

I honestly can't remember ever wearing a 30 waist. When I was a kid, I was always in "Husky" size jeans. Then in high school it was 36-38. After college as high as 44.

When I started the current journey in my flair I had made it down to a 34 and thought that was going to be it for my adult life.

I recently went to put on shorts that I bought last year. This was the result (topless furry man warning).

For those curious, I did it with MyFitnessPal. Right now I'm at 1580 calories/day.

Due to my job and schedule, I end up eating out more often than I'd like. This, of course, makes keeping to my calorie count a bigger challenge. So the biggest change to help me meet that goal is halving all of my food before I start eating.

E.g. last night I ordered a burger with bacon, cheese, and avocado. I substituted the fries for a salad. When the burger came I cut it in half immediately, which helps my brain have a hard place to stop eating.

If there's just a big pile of food in front of me, I find it very hard to just stop at some point. If I portion it out first and tell myself what I can eat, it's vastly easier.

This lets me enjoy all of the kinds of food I want, and still stay within my calorie goal.

Sorry that got rambly, but I thought folks would want to know how I've finally been successful after all these years of trying.

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