(Small) SV: I’ve lost three pounds! (146.2 lbs/66.3 kgs > 143.2 lbs/65 kgs

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I've finally made some progress in losing the ten pounds I've gained since the beginning of covid lockdown! I've been more careful about portion control (often eating OMAD or one very small meal followed by a larger one) and have reduced sweets (my go-to treat is an ounce of very dark (80%) chocolate). I've also stopped using half-and-half in my coffee. I eat very little meat these days.

What gives me more satisfaction, however, is seeing more muscle definition when doing my martial art routines and stances around the house, especially in my legs. I'm seeing lines I've never seen before. My control, balance, and flexibility are better than they've ever been.

Current challenges are mostly related to schedule and circumstances: with my husband's new work schedule and the heat, there aren't any good times for me to run unless I get up very early and run in the dark, which isn't the safest, or run in the late afternoon when it's still 95 degrees out. I stay home with my young children and we've begun homeschooling because of covid, which reduces my free time considerably. That said, here's my usual exercise "routine", such as it is, which I mostly do during odd moments throughout the day:

-Jumping jacks sets at odd moments. Maybe 500 on a good day, 100 on a less good day. Just whenever I think of it (waiting for the microwave, while the kids are doing a worksheet, in the middle of doing dishes, etc.).

-Lots and lots of shadow boxing, different kinds of karate kicks, with emphasis on control and balance (it takes a fair amount of strength to step lightly through some of these). Again, just at odd moments. Sometimes I travel across the kitchen with ax kicks, different kinds of strikes and blocks, etc.

-Wearing ankle weights while doing dishes or other chores, just for the resistance. Doing different sorts of leg lifts. Occasionally putting on wrist weights and/or a weighted vest and doing very slow yoga or karate routines, emphasizing strength. Also doing very occasional sets of curls or skullcrushers with light hand-weights (10 and and 15 pounds).

-Swimming two evenings a week in my in-laws' pool, when possible. One day is with the kids and is more splashing around than exercising, but one day is just for me to do laps.

Anyway, I'm pretty far away from my goal bodyfat percentage of 22% (scale says I'm usually 25%-26%), but I think I'm moving in the right direction. I'm going to try to find a way to reincorporate running into my schedule, because up until a week ago, I was doing alright with that.

Baby steps, y'all. Thanks for being here for the encouragement. Hope everyone's having a good day.

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