Water retention when beginning weight lifting is so real (graphs enclosed)

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Hi all,

Sorry, I don’t have time to make a huge post right now with all of the details of my weight loss, but I thought this visual might help others out. I’ve been calorie counting and exercising steadily since June 2019, and have made good progress. I’ve added several types of workouts since then (cycling, barre, rock climbing, HIIT circuits.) None of those made me retain water weight. In mid-March, I added compound weight lifting into the mix (60-120lbs depending on the lift.) My weight completely stagnated for 6 weeks, which is roughly the amount of time you should expect according to the PSA that goes around here. I’ve been whooshing a lot since the beginning of May.

My point is, keep going! I was definitely getting discouraged in mid-late April, but I am so glad I pushed through! My two “bare minimum” habits were to log all food with reasonable accuracy and to weigh myself daily.

weight loss graphs

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