Yesterday I Was Body Shamed By Instagram

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I originally posted this in another sub, but figured you guys would very much understand my anger and frustration. I'm not sure if cross-posting directly is allowed here so I just made a new thread. I hope that's okay!

I legit never thought something like this would happen to me. But it did, and I'm so angry right now I can barely text. Please excuse (or nicely correct) any typos. I'm trying.

Yesterday, I posted my most recent weightloss transformation/progress photo via Instagram. For the record, I am female, 5'4, 119.8 lbs. My BMI is 20.6. This information (minus my height, but certainly my BMI) was mentioned under the photo. Even without it, I feel the photo makes it VERY obvious I am not even close to underweight, much less anorexic. I never thought twice about posting this photo.

Imagine my shock when, today, I received a notification from Instagram saying my post was reported and removed due to, "suicide or self-harm."

There is no obvious way to contest this. I never got the chance. I've messaged Instagram as much as I could in protest, but I doubt it'll go anywhere. All I could do is send a problem report, and 'feedback'.

Yeah, they got my fucking feedback, alright.

I can't help but feel insanely body shamed by this. Is that nuts?? Left and right, I see pictures of women reveling in their 400+ lb glory. And honestly, I don't really care that they do. I think it's a ridiculous thing to be proud of, but I wasn't reporting anyone. I wasn't body shaming people. And yet, while they enjoy the attention they get from slowly eating themselves to death, my photo gets removed because…I'm a healthy weight. Because someone was jealous (yeah, I not buying the whole 'someone is concerned for you!' bullshit). Because I should apparently be ashamed of my incredible progress, to the point where I was encouraged by Instagram to seek support from a suicide hotline (yes, seriously).

Fuck that. I'm proud of my progress. FA's will tick me off, but they can't take anything away from my progress. I plan to reupload the same photo. Hell, I might even focus more on progress photos than I already was. Because screw their body shaming.

For anyone curious, here are a few more photos from the same day, in the same outfit. Apart from a slight warming filter, absolutely nothing about my photos are altered. Because I have zero reason too – my body is not extreme in the slightest bit.

God damnit, I'm still pissed!

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